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Northern Michigan History is part of the Up North Entertainment Group. We publish several directory and blog websites. List and links provided at the bottom of the page. We are fascinated with history and love discovering interesting things about places we have visited. Northern Michigan has a rich history and is so much fun to start digging.


Arianna is the young one of the pair and her and her family spend a lot of time outside year round.  She has been focused writing about her families and their adventures on our sister site,  Adventures in Northern Michigan. Arianna’s family loves to boat, swim, snow ski, snow mobiles, etc. all the things you would expect an active Northern Michigan family with 3 teens to be doing. One of their favorite things to do in their free time is boating on Long Lake and on Duck and Green Lakes in Interlochen.


Marisa is the empty nester and has done all of the history articles so far. She loves digging just a little deeper to see if she can discover something new and interesting to share with her readers. She has always been fascinated with the Mackinac Bridge and how folks “drove” into the Upper Peninsula before it was built. Two of her stories, Michigan State Car Ferry System and Michigan Rail Ferries talk about crossing the straits before the bridge.

You will also find stories about the history of many of the towns and attractions in Northern Michigan. Did you know that Michigan had it’s very own Gold Rush? Read about it in Northern Michigan Gold Rush. How about that the Great Fire of 1871 was not a single fire, but a series of simultaneous forest fires in the Great Lakes Region? One of our favorite stories is that the Soo Locks are not the only locks in Michigan. There are the Cheboygan River Locks and the Crooked River Locks that we talk about in The History of the Inland Waterway. Click around and explore our website we know you will enjoy it!

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