Join Northern Michigan History in our 5 part series as we explore the most haunted places in northern Michigan. The second part in our series looks at the Northeast Lower Peninsula. This area includes lighthouse, a ghost town and even a whole island that is home to a couple of ghosts. 

Presque IsleOld Presque Isle Light

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse on Lake Huron – The lighthouse was originally torn down and replaced with a home in 1939 by new owner Francis B Stebbins. In the 50s he decided to refurbish the tower and operate it as museum. He had a replica lantern room fabricated and installed atop the tower in 1961. After Francis died the lighthouse passed to his son James who eventually hired George and Lorraine Parris a retired couple to the run the place in 1977.

In 1992 George passed away, Lorrain stayed on at the lighthouse. Returning home from dinner one night she saw a light glowing atop the tower. Knowing that it was impossible as the light had been permanently disconnected years before. She said that “I started to feel as if it was just George’s way of keeping the spirit of the lighthouse alive.” She continued, “I used to be afraid of it, but now it gives me a lot of comfort.”

Houghton Lake

Anchor Inn – There have been decades of paranormal activity dating back to the 40s and 50s. This 100-year-old restaurant, lounge and hotel has been visited by many paranormal investigators. There has been reports of full body apparitions, shadow figures, orbs, mists, and moving objects. Also, footsteps, voices, door slamming, faucets on and off and electrical disturbances. People have felt unseen hands touching them and feeling the presence of a force in the room. The is said to be a vortex in front of the building to the other side.Pere Cheney Cemetery


Pere Cheney – A ghost town that at its peak had a population of 1,500. Epidemics killed the majority of the residents and the rest moved away and the town was left empty. Legend attributes this misfortune to a witch that was banished and hung in the forest. She is said to haunt the cemetery and leave handprints on visitor’s cars.


Pack House Inn and Restaurant – The 19th century inn has closed down, but it is still believed to be haunted. Built by George Pack it is believed that Grace Pack roams the halls, and many have seen her standing in the upstairs windows.

Bois Blanc IslandBoisblanc

Bois Blanc – Bois Blanc is a 34 square mile island southeast of Mackinac Island and north of Cheboygan in Lake Huron. People have reported disembodied footsteps following them, strong orbs that glow and apparitions of unknown humans. There have also been sounds from the wood heard as well.

John Dillinger had a hideout cabin on the island and some rumors were that it was him. The most likely is that the activity is the result of two British Soldiers. The legend is that the 2 soldiers were hiding on the island after deserting their post. Their commander put and bounty on them and they were captured and killed by Native American bounty hunters. Some the apparitions seen on the island are reported to be wearing British army uniforms.

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