Luce County Jail and Sheriff's House rear viewThe Jail and Sheriff’s Residence in Newberry, Michigan is a historic building that was constructed in 1894. It was originally built as a correctional facility and government building. The courthouse was constructed 4 years before in 1890. The courthouse was designed in an elaborate Victorian style. The Luce County Jail was designed as a counterpoint to the courthouse.

The building served as the county jail and the residence of the sheriff and his family for over 70 years. In 1975 the courthouse was torn down, the jail was headed for the same fate. The Luce County Historical Society rescued the jail and restored the building.

Luce County Historical Museum

Luce County Jail and Sheriff's House front viewIt reopened as the Luce County Historical Museum in 1976. The museum contains the original kitchen, dining room and bedrooms of the building. They also have historical displays and one of the original jail cells. The building remains essentially unaltered from its original construction.

The building sits on a split fieldstone foundation and features red sandstone construction with ornamental brick and limestone detailing. Polished granite columns support the front porch overhang. There is a metal-roofed cupola in one of the corners of the building. It consists of a central two-story cell block flanked by two-story wings, one of which housed the sheriff’s residence.

The Jail

The jail housed prisoners for a variety of offenses, including bootlegging during Prohibition and mining-related crimes during the Upper Peninsula’s mining boom. The sheriff’s residence was home to several families over the years and features period furnishings and decor that reflect the lifestyle of a typical sheriff’s family in the early 20th century.

Today, the Jail and Sheriff’s Residence Museum offers guided tours and exhibits that showcase the history of the building and the Luce County area. Visitors can explore the sheriff’s residence, the cell block, and a recreated courtroom, as well as view displays of historic artifacts and photographs.

Jail and Sheriff´s Residence

Luce County Jail and Sheriffs Residence Historical MarkerIndustry and Invention (1875 – 1915) – Registered in 1975 and erected in 1980 – ID # L408

Located at 411 West Harrier Street, Newberry, McMillan Township – Lat: 46.35245600/Long: -85.51514000

Constructed in 1894, this graceful Queen Anne style structure served as the Luce County jail and sheriff’s residence for over seventy years. The Peninsular Land Company donated the site. The architectural firm of Lovejoy and DeMar, from Marquette, designed this sturdy edifice made of rough-hewn Jacobsville sandstone. The Luce County Historical Society rescued this building from demolition in 1975 and restored it as the Luce County Historical Museum, which opened in 1976.

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